bad chinese accent

just thought others might find this abysmal accent interesting. it drives me crazy. i have a chinese prog whose english is nearly impossible to understand or comprehend, coupled with mediocre sound via the class videos. a list of chinese to english (or "chinglish") that i must expend extra mental energy trying to translate on the fly:

beck = back
vaypee = VB
coat = code
laiyest = last
ohnj = orange
fi = five
compie = compile
vizzyo stue dyo = visual studio
ahhmoesht = almost
creeayduhh = creating
coss = class
reetehh = written
mycircole = MySQL

I could go on & on...I don't think I'm prejudiced, but this drives me nuts.

openoffice extensions?

I must remember to post the idea somewhere about creating extensions, similar to those for firefox, for openoffice.  i'm sure it can be done, sine the source code is available, but lack the coding expertise & also don't know quite where to present the idea...


Finally, someone is talking about doing something to fight poverty.  John Edwards is not going to fade away!  I wish he'd gotten the nod instead of Kerry.  I haven't heard anybody even mention the poor, much less the homeless, for years--even before W got elected .  It's about time!


insomnia last night--too much caffeine @ work, i guess.
3.5 hrs. sleep:awakened to our doorbell & a panicked C telling me the pipe in the shower's burst & water's all over the basement.  turns out only the first was true, but still sucks.
spend the day tearing out one wall of an otherwise perfectly good shower, had a new plumber come over (recommended by a friend after our co. that we've used for 5 years raised their rates thru the root).  he was done in less than an hour, and will be back tomorrow to put on the new sheet of plastic--which by the way runs for about $15 or so @ Menards or Fleet Farm, but was a bargain for $37 here in town.  Groan.  spend several hours tearing out wet sheetrock, plaster & lathe, & scraping off old caulking.  put heat tape on the pipes--not easy, since the idiots who installed the plumbing left less than an inch around most of the piping...wrapped it in fiberglass, & drilled holes in bathroom cabinet to plug it into an outlet in the bathroom.  Good thing the apartment's not much better than a shithole.
4 pm: rush to shower & change for work only to find all my work shirts are all dirty.  try to do a quick wash, only to find that i shortened it too much & none of the detergent was used.  oh well; my shirt smells better for the rinse.  frantically try to dry it alone in the dryer; give up, & wear it very damp.  run out of gas halfway between here & Alex (the car will get a new tank to replace the holey one, but the install obviously hasn't happened yet).  sit by the roadside for 15 min. before anyone asks if i need help.  thankfully he does get me some gas, & i'm on my not-so-merry way.  Only to get stuck behind a snowplow going 20 MPH.  finally get to wrk 45 min. late, to once again have a dead night where it wasn't worth all the hassle.  Ugh!

lowest approval rating for Congress & Bush

From the Star Tribune/AP:
"President Bush will begin his second term with the lowest job approval rating - 49 percent with 49 percent disapproving -of any two-term president in more than 50 years, an Associated Press poll found. His rating is in the high 40s or low 50s in several other recent polls. Congress is viewed even more negatively - 41 percent approve of the job it is doing, while 53 percent disapprove, according to the poll conducted for the AP by Ipsos Public Affairs."

Oh yeah, so go ahead & vote Republican!! Man, are people stupid.  You get what you vote for!

new ADD meds

so now I've switched to a new drug, straterra, to try combatting my ADD focus problems.  I picked straterra since it's not supposed to be a stimulant & one of its side effects is supposed to be drowsiness.  so i took it at bedtime, only to awake 3-4 hours later (which was almost 3 hours ago now).  so much for that idea.  now i read how several people get massive hangovers & pain from drinking--even the night of drinking--while taking straterra.  that doesn't sound fun, although it would be a good reason for me to cut back on booze, which would also probably help me lose 10 pounds or so.  i just hope straterra doesn't continue to keep me awake like the other ones have.

Xmas party

so we had the Xmas party @ work last Sun.  Cammie & Andy went all out on gifts for the employees--some pretty nice stuff.  we did a secret santa thing & then picked gifts in reverse seniority.  what made it really fun was if you didn't like what you opened, you could trade it at that moment for somebody else's present.  There was a lot of swapping around for the home theater setup, resulting on Cybil wrestling on the floor, fighting to hold on to it.  She also flashed me.  Great tits.  What a fab night to forget my camera!  she handed me her cam phone & asked me to snap one, but between the on screen menus and the unlabeled buttons, i couldn't figure it out quickly enough.  i must get her to go out for drinks with me--she gets really rowdy, word has it.

i got a sandwich maker & two of those pans with the sectionals inside, for cooking multiple things at once.  cool.  I sang about 4 karaoke songs. Cody eventually got bored & sat in the car, since he didn't know anyone there.  i realized he'd been gone for a long time, & decided that I was starting to get drunk, so we headed home. 

while watching a movie, i cracked a beer that i'd kept in the porch (free refrigeration), but it had frozen, resulting in a lap beer bath, and an undrinkable beersicle.

note to self: LJ themes

so i've used Digital Multiplex layout before & have customized it with some nice reddish highlights & a few custom texts as well...it's an ok one, althought I like the Unearthed layout with various themes; Craftis is a nice reddish one with light yellow accents; i say this cuz there aren't previews for the Unearthed themes.  Acrid Slide theme is lots of blue & green, which goes nicely with my current desktop colors (gotta love KDE!!).  Inaccurate Lingo is an icky purply & pepto color; Rampant Tenderfoot is orange/red--a la Dante's Inferno--a no-go (or nova in Spanish).

sleep & search engines

3:02 AM  so i can't sleep, which i think is funny since i last had coffee roughly 12.5 hours ago.  so i just got up after tossing for an hour in bed & took a white pill i thought was trazedone, an old standby i don't like that much but sometimes is necessary.  the pill imprint was MD 562, which got me thinking (after i swallowed it) that the imprint seemed unfamiliar.  google wasn't too helpful--one unsubstantiated post in a non-RX forum, & a database that would let me know in 24 hours.  Reading March '04's wired mag about google mentioned other search technologies for google to look out for, one of which is completeplanet.com. complete planet indexes dynamically generated web pages, instead of static, pre-existing "surface" pages that google, yahoo &c. do, so CP can access thousands of database-driven sites.  potentially very interesting. 

so now i have taken a trazedone, but expect to be up most of the night anyway, since the Methylphenidate Hydrochloride (ritalin) has probably already dissolved & shot straight to my brain by now.  d'oh!

new music

have discovered freezepop after reading a Wired article about their DIY approach to indie recording/promoting/etc. Must say even tho i'm not much of an electronica fan (much of what i hear seems too boring), these guys are great fun. highly recommended. a very fun web site also with lots of flash videos & stuff. must be noted that they are different from The Freeze Pops.